Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tomatoes have sprouted!

day4  - just sprouted
day 9 - lots of cotyledons!
After 7 days in our attic the tomatoes have sprouted! We have been keeping them at around 75° - 80°, and by the 4th day the first seedlings emerged.  Today is day 9 and it is amazing how fast they shoot up, and how much light they want.  For now they are doing well up there, but we can't wait to move them into the spacious new greenhouse as soon as they are ready.

Also wanted to share some pics of the great veggies we are harvesting right now.  This is our first year really growing through the winter, and we are really happy with the way it is going.  We had a bit of rain and some cold temps earlier, but right now it is sunny beautiful and close to 70°! I know we have to be in for more wintery weather before Spring really arrives but the hardy Waltham broccoli, Red Russian Kale and Rainbow Chard can definitely brave a little frost and actually becomes a little tastier because of it.
    Rainbow chard, growing strong

red russian kale, in the field

Right now these fresh healthy veggies are for sale at our farm stand for only $2/bunch. 

garlic, getting big

In December we planted 13 fifty foot beds with red and yellow Stockton onions, and 7 more beds full of our amazing heirloom Red Italian Garlic.  This garlic was brought over from Italy by one of the Casalegno brothers when they first came here around 1916, and we have been cultivating the same strain ever since.  It is a hardneck variety, very robust and so tasty, easy to peel, and beautiful to see.  It will grow through the winter and spring and be harvested in June or July.  Every year we have been holding more and more back from the harvest  in order to increase our crop size for the next year...there never seems to be enough! This years crop looks great so far, we look forward to sharing this wonderful family heirloom that is one of our pride and joys with all of you this summer!