Sunday, May 22, 2011

CSA membership availability for July 2011

2011 CSA

Hello to all our wonderful customers, neighbors, friends and family!
It is that time of year again! The summer’s bounty is right around the corner and we are now registering members for our 2011 Farm Box program to begin in July.  We expect this to be a fantastic year with more diversity and variety than ever! Please email us at with any questions, or print and fill out the form below if you are interested in joining!


What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It means the community supports the farm by not just being a customer but by actually being a 'share holder' for part, or all of, the season.   In this way we are able to provide you with the freshest produce our farm has to offer and you will know where your food comes from, eat in harmony with the seasons, and enjoy a delicious, healthy diet of pure, fresh foods.
 We also include a weekly newsletter with tips, ideas and recipes, special treats like jam or cider and items from other farms such as strawberries and honey.

Green Beans      Peppers     Summer Squash    Cucumbers   
Beets    Carrots     Potatoes     Radishes      Tomatoes
Lettuce      Cabbage       Kale        Garlic      Onions       
Broccoli     Sugar Peas        Winter Squash      Pumpkins
Plums   Pears  Apples   Persimmons   Herbs   Flowers
Pastured/Organic Eggs

Support a small family farm
•Promote local agriculture
•Reduce your carbon footprint
•Eat fresh organic produce
•Encourage community building

How It Works

We are accepting new members to begin in July. We offer 4 subscription choices, 2 box sizes and 2 pick-up days. You will pay in advance for a 6-week session, and then come out to the farm every week to pick up your box.

The FULL SHARE BOX contains a very generous amount of produce. This box is recommended for families of 3 or 4, smaller households with avid cooks and/or veggie eaters or for people that will be sharing with someone else.

The SMALL SHARE BOX contains a similar variety as the Full Share, Just a smaller amount of each item. This option is best for households with only 1 or 2 members, people that eat out often or as a supplement for families that grow some of their own produce and don’t need the full amount.


Both box sizes come with 4 options – the BASIC which contains only produce, The VEGGIE-OVO which adds a dozen eggs, which are pasture raised and supplemented with organic feed, the VEGGIE-FLORA which adds a bouquet of fresh cut flowers or the DELUXE which has it all!


 Email_________________________ ________________
PICK UP DAY     (choose 1)
                               Friday after 3                                                    Saturday anytime

BOX TYPE       (choose 1)
 Deluxe   (produce+flowers+dozen eggs)  
Full Share           $180 for 6 weeks  _____   
Small Share          $144 for 6 weeks  _____
 Veggie-Ovo  (produce+dozen eggs)
 Full Share        $150 for 6 weeks_____          
 Small Share      $114 for 6 weeks   _____
 Veggie-Flora  (produce+flower bouquet)
 Full Share       $150 for 6 weeks  _____         
 Small Share     $114 for 6 weeks    _____
  Basic  (produce only)
 Full Share               $120 for 6 weeks  _____
 Small Share          $ 84 for 6 weeks   _____

Please fill this form out and 
send it back to us at 3 Laurel Glen Rd Soquel 95073
OR email us at
We will contact you to confirm membership, arrange payment and to let you know when your first pick up day will be.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Springtime Veggies and Tomato Planting

beets and rainbow carrots
May is here, our early CSA is full through June and the fields are full of life! Colorful radishes, gorgeous, earthy, deep red beets, freshly dug "new" onions, baskets of sweet crunchy sugar snap peas and bags brimming with crisp, verdant baby spinach have all been flying off the shelves at the farm stand.  Our rainbow carrots are just starting to size up and garlic heads and golden and red potatoes are filling out under their blankets of soil with promises of their tasty bounty to come.

sugar snap peas

The first  succession of summer vegetable seeds have been tucked in and are beginning to sprout - 4 types of green beans, 3 types of cucumbers, 4 types of summer squash, along with new lettuces, broccolini, chard and kale to finally replace the old hardy crops that carried us through winter.
freshly dug onions

We are now in the midst of one of the most rewarding times on the farm - TOMATO PLANTING TIME!!!! All those seedlings we planted in February survived the winter and are now beautiful, green, and vigorous! We are all so proud of them.  It was quite a journey observing and caring for them from tiny sprouts to healthy flourishing plants.  This year we are growing 5 heirloom varieties, 3 cherries, and of course the beloved Early Girls.  With the help of our 2 farm hands and 2 interns we got all the holes dug, prepped and on Friday completed the planting of close to 400 tomato plants! We do have extras, and have put some up for sale at the farm stand - just $5 for gallon pots of heirloom tomatoes. Come on by and pick some up for your garden! We can't wait for August when we will be in fresh tomato heaven!

gallon tomato plants
tomato plant at home in the field