Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring sprouts, Jeannies Jams and Easter Egg Radishes

 The field really looks amazing right now - all the seeds from the latest planting have burst forth from the fertile sun warmed earth and are growing strong! We are gearing up for the opening of our CSA season in June - a month earlier than we have done in the past.  The first boxes will be filled mostly with field crops since at present our farm does not produce any fruit that early in the year.  Our first plums don't come in until July.   After that we have a steady supply of a variety of tree fruit through March, but  I am definitely thinking that next year a berry patch will be a great addition for an earlier fruit crop.  For now, in addition to our own pressed apple cider I will be relying on some other little local businesses to help round out the early  boxes and add a sweet fruity element - strawberries or honey from another farm or as an extra special treat, a jar of hand made jam from Jeannie's Artisan Jams.
summer squash

Jeannie's Jams
These jams are truly like no other.  Using the colors of nature as her palette Jeannie creates unique small batch artisan jams using primarily organic fruits and veggies from local farms and her own kitchen garden.  The entire jam experience is to be savored - from the adorable hand labeled  jars, to the variety of hues, textures and flavor combinations and of course the exceptional taste itself - this is art in edible form!!! We are happy to be offering an assortment of these spectacular jams for sale at our farm stand - but come quick! They are flying off the shelves! The Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter and Strawberry Meyers Lemon Jam are almost gone already.  Please check out her website or come by to pick some up so you can delight in this truly wonderful hand made product.

sugar peas

We have just started harvesting 2 varieties of radishes- the long, tapered, white tipped French Breakfast heirloom and a beautiful vibrant multi colored kind called Easter Egg Radishes! Both are crisp, peppery and delicious! They also tout many health benefits such as a high vitamin C content to help ward off those yucky spring colds and they are a good source of folic acid and potassium.  Bunches of these lovely pungent root veggies will be for sale through the month for just $2/per bunch. 
Easter Egg and French Breakfast Radishes

Our CSA is full through June already, but we will have more availability at the beginning of July.  Please email us at to get info and registration forms if you are interested in becoming a member! 
Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! We will check in again soon!