Thursday, May 23, 2013



REGISTRATION and GENERAL INFO:   Our CSA runs for a total of 20-24 weeks, generally from early June until about Thanksgiving.  Normally there are 2 - 8 week sessions, July/Aug and Sept/Oct as well as a smaller final 5 week fall session. This year we are also offering a smaller June session that will overlap with the summer session.  Members may join at any time (as long as space is available) and will pay for the remainder of the session they are joining, plus any future sessions they wish to commit to.
please click here FOR MORE INFO about our 2014 CSA
Our registration form is available here.

Membership fees are generally collected 2 weeks before the beginning of each session.  This money is crucial to the running of our farm- it is necessary for us to purchase things we need for the season like boxes and helps us begin to pay off seed orders and labor costs. Payment may be in cash or check form or via PayPal.  All checks can be made out to Casalegno Family Farm and should be sent to 170 Laurel Glen Rd Soquel or dropped into the money box at our farmstand AFTER receiving email (or phone) verification of membership.
We understand that it can be hard for working families to come up with the entire payment up front which is one of the reasons we run shorter more affordable 8 week sessions instead of only full season memberships.  We really want our food to be accessible to all people despite financial hardships so if this is the case for your family please contact us.  Payment plans can be arranged.

1. You are responsible for picking up your box each week.  Please arrange to have a family member, friend or neighbor pick up your box for you if you will not be able to.  There are no refunds for boxes that were not picked up.  If you will be out of town and let us know at least 1 week in advance we can often work something out - but only one time per session please.
2. Boxes are to be picked up at our farm stand located at 3700 Old San Jose Rd in Soquel.  For Friday pick ups the boxes are ready at 2:30 pm, and must be picked up before dark.  If you know in advance that you will be late getting your box please let us know and we will try to put it in the fridge for you (space is very limited, and not always available though)
3. Please sign on the clipboard after getting your box (and flowers if you are signed up for them)
4. PLEASE try to remember to bring your own basket, box or bag to transfer your share into so you will not have to remember to bring your box back.  If you do take the box PLEASE BRING IT BACK every week!!!
5. Remember to drive safely when entering the farm stand driveway - watch out for kiddos, wheelbarrows and animals!

New in 2014 is the delivery option.  There are a limited number of these memberships available.  Deliveries are made in a fuel efficient Prius and will be made to your home by 7 pm on Fridays.  Boxes will be brought directly to your front door and left there if no one answers, unless otherwise specified.  Boxes must be returned! Please remember to leave your box from the previous week out for pick up each week when your delivery is made.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

CSA sign ups still taking place

Would you like to teach your kids about where their food comes from, eat in harmony with the seasons, and enjoy the addition of delicious, healthy, organic, fresh produce to your diet?

is taking place now!

 Sign up now to receive a weekly box of fresh, local, organically grown fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs grown at your neighborhood family farm!

We are now registering members to begin in July.
We offer 2 affordable subscription choices, 2 box sizes and 2 pick-up days so there are many options to best accommodate your families needs
You will pay in advance for an 8-week session, and then come out to the farm every week to pick up your box. 
You may join at any time and will have the option to renew.
Join for the entire season and receive a free week!

We include a weekly newsletter with pictures, farm news. tips, ideas and recipes and invite your family out to the farm for seasonal activities!

For more info or to sign up please check out our registration page , email,     
Come by our farmstand at 
 3700 Old San Jose Rd  
Or call us at 831.476.8032

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Time to sign yourself up for a summer of awesome produce!


What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It means the community supports the farm by not just being a customer but by actually being a 'share holder' for part, or all of, the season.   In this way we are able to provide you with the freshest produce our farm has to offer and you will know where your food comes from, eat in harmony with the seasons, and enjoy the addition of local organic produce to your diet. We also include a weekly newsletter with tips, ideas and recipes, special treats like jam or cider and occasional items from other farms such as strawberries and honey.

Green Beans        SummerSquash                                
Peppers                     Cucumbers   
Carrots                     Beets                                                      
Potatoes                    Radishes
Tomatoes                   Lettuce                                                         
Chard                         Kale
Berries                        Spinach                                                    
 Garlic                         Onions
Broccoli                      Sugar Peas                      
Winter Squash            Pumpkins
Plums – Pears – Apples – Persimmons - Herbs – Flowers

•Support a small family farm
•Promote local agriculture
•Bolster our local economy
•Help protect the environment
•Eat fresh organic produce
•Encourage community building

How It Works

We are now registering members to begin in July. We offer 2 subscription choices, 2 box sizes and 2 pick-up days. You will pay in advance for your session, and then come out to the farm every week to pick up your box once your session begins. You may join at any time and will have the option to renew, or you can choose to pay for the entire season up front and receive a free week!

The REGULAR SHARE BOX is suitable for a 1-3 person household or perhaps larger families that don’t cook home every day or plan to use the box to supplement other fruit and veggie purchases.

The LARGE SHARE  BOX contains the recommended amount of produce for families of 3 or 4 or smaller households with avid cooks and/or veggie eaters. Also could be good for people that will be sharing with someone else.  This box gets more fruit and extra items that the regular shares do not have.

Both box sizes come with 2 options – the BASIC which contains only produce or the FLORA which includes a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.


PICK UP DAY     (choose 1)
             Friday after 3  pm                                                          Saturday after 10 am
BOX TYPE       (choose 1)
Basic  (produce only)                                                                                    
Regular Share  
8 weeks ($20/week)$160_____                                                                                            
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free)  $400_____

Large Share      
8 weeks ($25/week) $200 _____                                                                                        
 Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $500 _____

Flora  (produce+flower bouquet)                                                                                          
Regular Share     
8 weeks  ($25/week) $200  _____                                                                               
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $500 _____

Large Share     
8 weeks ($30/week) $240  _____                                                                                          
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $600 _____       

Please fill this form out and email or send it back to us at 170 Laurel Glen Rd Soquel 95073
We will contact you to arrange payment and to let you know when your first pick up day will be.