Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter update

Hello to all of our neighbors, friends, family and wonderful customers! We have been keeping pretty busy here on the farm this time of year, as I am sure many of you driving by are seeing! Winter is a time for planning for and dreaming about all the wonderful crops we hope to harvest during the warmer weather, but the cooler temperatures also bring their own tasty bounty as well.  We have been keeping our Farm Stand stocked with healthy bunches of "broccolini" - the tender sideshoots from the hardy broccoli plants that can be used just like florets, as well as crisp leafy bunches of Rainbow Chard and Red Russian Kale and heads of baby lettuces.  The last of this years apples are not yet gone, and we still even have some persimmons left too, but get them quick - this may be the last week! We put our dehydrators to good use though, so as soon as the fresh fruit is gone we will be selling dried persimmons and apples.  They are so sweet, chewy and tasty - like candy!
Hachiya Persimmons

Persimmon slices ready to go in the dehydrator

We are very excited about our newest addition to the farm - a 1000 square foot greenhouse! The construction is 99% complete - and will be totally done just in time to house the 850 tomato plants that should be sprouting sometime in the next week! This is the first year we have started our own tomatoes and we are all learning a lot about the process. For now, we are waiting patiently for them to emerge...

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