Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We find ourselves quickly approaching the Summer harvest season and are so excited to begin enrolling members for our CSA program.  We are having a little later start this year and plan for the first pick up to be in the beginning of July.  If you are interested in joining a CSA where you will truly be supporting a small farm in your community we encourage you to check out our little program. Nothing fancy, just wonderful, fresh, seasonal food grown right in your neighborhood by a local family.  Please join us to support and enjoy the many benefits of small scale organic farming! As always feel free to contact us with any questions - email casalegnofamilyfarm@hotmail.com or call 831-476-8032.


What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It means the community supports the farm by not just being a customer but by actually being a 'share holder' for part, or all of, the season.   In this way we are able to provide you with the freshest produce our farm has to offer and you will know where your food comes from, eat in harmony with the seasons, and enjoy a delicious, healthy diet of pure, fresh foods. We also include a weekly newsletter with tips, ideas and recipes, special treats like jam or cider and occasional items from other farms such as strawberries and honey.

Green Beans • Summer Squash • Peppers • Cucumbers • Carrots • Beets               
Radishes • Tomatoes • Potatoes • Lettuce • Chard • Kale 
Spinach • Berries • Broccoli • Garlic  • Onions                                     
Winter Squash • Pumpkins
Plums • Pears • Apples • Persimmons • Herbs • Flowers

•Support a small family farm
•Promote local agriculture
•Help the environment
•Eat fresh organic produce
•Encourage community building

How It Works

We are now registering members to begin in July. We offer 2 subscription choices, 2 box sizes and 2 pick-up days. You will pay in advance for your session, and then come out to the farm every week to pick up your box once your session begins. You may join at any time and will have the option to renew, or you can choose to pay for the entire season up front and receive a free week!

The FULL SHARE BOX contains the recommended amount of produce for families of 3 or 4 or smaller households with avid cooks and/or veggie eaters. Also a good option for people that will be sharing with someone else.

The SMALL SHARE BOX contains less variety than the Full Share, and/or smaller amount of each item. This option is recommended for low income families, households with only 1 or 2 members; that don't cook at home all the time or grow some of their own produce. We will be offering a limited amount of this share size.

Both box sizes come with 2 options – the BASIC which contains only produce or the VEGGIE-FLORA which adds a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.


PICK UP DAY     (choose 1)
                  Friday after 3 pm                                                                          Saturday after 10 am
BOX TYPE       (choose 1)
 1.Veggie-Flora (produce+flower bouquet                                                                      
 Full Share     
8 weeks ($29/week) $232  _____                                                                                       
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $580 _____       
Small Share  (limited shares avail)   
8 weeks  ($23/week) $184 _____                                                     
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $460 _____

2. Basic   (produce only)
 Full Share      
8 weeks ($23/week) $184 _____                                                                                         
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $460 _____
Small Share   (limited shares avail)   
8 weeks ($17/week) $136 _____                                                  
Full Season (20 weeks + 1 free) $340_____

Please fill this form out and email or send it back to us at 170 Laurel Glen Rd Soquel 95073
We will contact you to arrange payment and to let you know when your first pick up day will be.

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